Tricone Drill Bit

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  •  Tricone Drill Bit
  •  Tricone Drill Bit
  •  Tricone Drill Bit
Features of Caston Tricone Drill Bit

1. Tricone drill bit employs floating bearing structure, which is fabricated from high-strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, and high wear resistance material, the surface of which is coated with solid lubricants. Apart from reducing the relative speed of bearing, and blocking the temperature rise on friction surface, the drill bit can effectively improve the bearing life and reliability under high-speed drilling condition.
2. It adopts high-precision metal sealing, which is a set of well-designed metal seal ring. The 2 high-elasticity rubber rings are separately placed at the tricone and the sealing region for static seal. The modified sealing and compression ensures that the 2 metal rings always keep in good contact.
3. The steel balls lock the tricone tightly so as to meet the high rotating speed.
4. We adopt limited pressure difference to prevent the drilling fluid entering the all-rubber storage capsule of the lubrication system, ensuring a good lubrication for the bearing system.
5. New lubricating grease resistant to wear and high temperature (250°C) is employed.
6. The drill bit is made from high-strength high-toughness carbide alloy, featuring high wear resistance and excellent cutting capacity. A new wear resistant material is coated on the drill bit to extend its life at the same time guaranteeing the bit's high drilling speed.


Caston provides tri-cone bits, steel tri-cone bits, tri-cone bits with metal sealed bearings, and tri-cone bits with rubber sealed bearings, single-cone bit, large-diameter drill bit, drag bit etc. These drill bits are widely applied in oil drilling, water well drilling, coal mining exploration, geological drilling, geothermal well development, and pile foundation. Users can choose different cones according to different geological conditions.

Specification of Tricone Drill Bits
Model IADC Specification
Carbide drill bit Steel drill bit in mm
417 437 447 517 527 537 547 617 627 637 126 127 216 316 346 347
6 152.4
6 1/2 165.1
7 7/8 200
8 1/2 215.9
9 1/2 241.3
9 5/8 244.5
9 7/8 250.8
12 1/4 311.1
17 1/2 444.5
24 609
26 660

Remark: products marked with ● mean available

Reference Table
IADC Applicable range Drill pressure KN/mm Rotating speed r/min
417 437 447 stratum with low compressive strength and high drillability, like clay, mudstone, gypsum, salt rock, soft shale, and soft limestone, 0.35---0.9 150--70
517 527 soft stratum with low comprehensive strength mudstone, gypsum, salt rock, soft shale, and soft limestone, and sandstone 0.35---1.0 140--60
537 547 soft or medium soft stratum with low comprehensive strength, like medium soft shales, limestone, and medium soft sandstone 0.45---1.0 120---50
617 627 637 medium hard stratum with high comprehensive strength, like hard shale, limestone, sandstone, dolomite, anhydrite, and marble 0.5---1.15 90---50
737 837 hard stratum with high comprehensive strength, like hard limestone, taconite, hard sandstone, quartzite, quartz sand, basalt, granite and other extremely hard rocks 0.65--1.15 60---33

Among the oil drilling tools, we offer tricone drill bits and other drill rig accessories, including directional drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, deep well drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality tricone drill bits and other drilling tools for global customers.

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