Transmitter housing to any HDD drill

  •  Integral Directional Drill Bits
  •  Integral Directional Drill Bits
Manufacturing Technique

a. The HDD sonde housings are connected in either directly-linked or all-direction linked styles
b. The signal rod is side mounted or back mounted
c. Multi-link design will be adopted according to the construction needs of different users
d. The drill bit is precisely casted and formed from wear-resistant alloy
e. The drill rod is welded from wear resistant alloy
f. An easily-assembled protective shell is set for the signal rod
g. The channel for sending signal is sealed with non-metallic material. The signal features powerful penetration
h. Holes are distributed uniformly on the signal channel to guarantee that signal will not be disturbed when the drill pipe works
i. The signal rod is installed in a specially designed slot accurately

Technical Parameters of Directly-Linked Sonde Housing
Technical Parameters of Directly-Linked Sonde Housing
Specification D L W Sonde width API Weight (kg)
KTDZ60 80 830 700 100 60/1" 5 26
KTDZ73-Ⅰ 86 865 730 140 NC23 32
KTDZ73-Ⅱ 90 865 740 150 NC26 36
KTDZ89 105 1215 1075 160 NC31 68
KTDZ114 127 1286 1135 175 NC38 96
KTDZ127 165 1386 1211 220 NC50 190
Technical Parameters of All-Direction Linked Sonde Housing
Technical Parameters of Directly-Linked Sonde Housing
Specification d L W D f Sonde width Thread Weight (kg)
KTDZ60-B70 80 830 665 75 70 100 50*6 26
KTDZ73-B90 86 850 730 97 90 140 65*6 32
KTDZ73-B92 86 850 730 98 92 140 72*6 31.5

Among the directional drilling tools, we offer integral directional drill bits and other drill rig accessories, including oil drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, heavy engineering drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality directional drill bits and other drilling tools for global customers.

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