Dual Wall Drill Pipe

  •  Dual Wall Drill Pipe
  •  Dual Wall Drill Pipe
  •  Dual Wall Drill Pipe

HDD dual wall drill pipe is consisted of inner and outer pipes. During working, water or mud is delivered through the internal cavity of the inner pipe. The outer drill pipes are connected with screw thread, and the inner pipes are linked together with hexagonal pin and box connectors. In the time-sharing driving process, the inner and outer pipes convert into a shift mode to deliver the torque independently.

Caston provides custom drill pipes upon clients' request.

Technical Parameters
Model KT-SZ073 KT-SZ076 KT-SZ080 KT-SZ089 KT-SZ114
Specification Φ73×9.35 Φ76×10 Φ83×9 Φ89×9.35 Φ114×9.19
Tubing joint NC26 NC26 D80 NC31 NC46

Among the directional drilling tools, we offer dual wall drill pipe and other drill rig accessories, including oil drilling tools, exploration drilling tools, geothermal drilling tools, mine drilling tools, heavy engineering drilling tools, etc. Fully equipped with drill pipe production lines and other process equipment, as each detail is checked during manufacturing, we can provide quality dual wall drill pipe and other drilling tools for global customers.

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